Craft whiskey brewed right here in the Heartland.

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The local flavor that becomes a local legend.

There is a time when what starts to matter most in life is what feels real and true.

As spirits go, True Kinship delivers real-world craft without pretense.

Like true friendship or true love, it is timeless.


Our Process

This is what makes our whiskey different.

We start with all-local, Southern Illinois corn.

Our bourbons and whiskeys highlight the true flavors of Southern Illinois grain and water. Using Carbondale’s nationally top-ranked water and some of the best NON-GMO corn in Southern Illinois, we craft what we call a “true” spirit under the roof of our 2400 square foot barn.

From farm to bottle, all in-house.

Starting with those local grains, we then do all of our own fermentation and distillation with a 60-gallon copper pot still. Our un-aged and aged spirits are then cut with that great water and the Bourbons and Whiskeys age in 15-gallon, charred American white oak barrels.

We invite members of the community to come share in the bottling with us.

During our bottling events, we open our doors to the community. Each volunteer receives a bottle of the spirit of their choice to take home and share with their family and friends.

Committed to connections between people.

Not only is True Kinship made locally and with local product, we have a strong presence in our community. True Kinship holds public tastings to bring local events to life and donates to fundraisers for local causes.

“May your friends be like family, and your family like friends.

To kinship… to True Kinship.”

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